Thailand Toray Science Foundation was established in 1994 through a 40 million baht initial endowment by Toray Industries, Inc. TTSF is registered as an organization formed to advance the objective of promoting science and technology in Thailand.

The objective of TTSF is to contribute to the progress of science and technology which limited to the fields of natural science, including the environment, but not including clinical medicine and mathematics.

In order to achieve the objectives, TTSF will endeavor to undertake the following activities;

  1. 1. The awarding of the Science and Technology Awards, to recognize outstanding achievements.
  2. 2. The awarding of the Science and Technology Research Grants, to provide financial assistance for basic research.
  3. 3. The awarding of the Science Education Awards, to recognize creative and innovative contributions to effective science education in junior and senior high schools.

Annual awards and grants of baht 5,500,000.-