The 31st Science Education Award, 2024

1. Objective

TTSF aims to provide awards to Thai science teachers in junior and senior high schools who show excellent achievement, initiative and creativity in science education, which encourages and develops the scientific capability of students.

2. Eligible Candidate

A Thai teacher in public or private junior and senior high school, or elementary school having junior high school level, who has taught in science for at least 1 year (up to the application date of August 1, 2024) and has never received an award from TTSF during the past 3 years (2021-2023) except at Honorable Mention Award.

3. Types of Science Education Work Eligible for Award

  1. 3.1 Research or invention in physics, biology, chemistry or other fields of science.
  2. 3.2 Innovative work to develop instructional materials for teaching science, measurement and scientific exploration, which has been used for teaching at school and obtained good results.

The submitted science education work must have been performed within the last 4 years, never received awards at national or international level, and is not be taken from dissertation or thesis, or considered plagiarism.

4. Awards

Total award of 700,000 Baht with honor plaque, for junior and senior high school as follows:

  1. 4.1 Junior High School total award of 240,000 Baht
    1st Prize Award of 100,000 Baht with honorary plaque
    2nd Prize Award of 80,000 Baht with honorary plaque
    3rd Prize Award of 60,000 Baht with honorary plaque
  2. 4.2 Senior High School total award of 300,000 Baht
    1st Prize Award of 120,000 Baht with honorary plaque
    2nd Prize Award of 100,000 Baht with honorary plaque
    3rd Prize Award of 80,000 Baht with honorary plaque
  3. 4.3 Financial support of approximately 25,000 baht will be provided for the schools of each awardee in 4.1 and 4.2

Remark The Committee may give Honorable Mention awards and/or change the award amount as deemed appropriate.

5. Application Process and Schedule

  1. 5.1 Application Form is available at >> Science Education Awards
    Office of the Thailand Toray Science Foundation :
    6th Floor, Bubhajit Building, 20 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
    Tel. 02 266 6595 Ext. 553, e-mail :
  2. 5.2 Application form may be submitted by e-mail (to : ) in PDF format or via post to the office of TTSF.
  3. 5.3 Application via Google Form >> Google Form
  4. 5.4 Closing date for application : October 31, 2024. For the application via e-mail, the date of the e-mail will be considered as the application date and for the applications via post, the post-marked date will be considered as the application date.

6. Selection

will be carried out in 2 steps as follows:

  1. 1st Step  : The Committee of Selection will consider the application form and achievements of the applicant. Then TTSF will notify the results to the candidates selected in the 1st Step in mid-November 2024.
  2. 2nd Step : The Committee will invite the selected candidates from the 1st Step to present their work to the Committee at the beginning of December 2024 (date and details will be announced later). TTSF will support the travel and accommodation expenses for teachers from other provinces.
  3. TTSF will announce the final result in January 2025.

The decision of the Committee of TTSF is considered final.

7. Award Presentation

The Thailand Toray Science Foundation will hold the Presentation Ceremony in March 2025. Details will be announced later.