Thailand Toray Science Foundation (TTSF) held 30th award and grant for science and technology research presentation ceremony on March 8, 2024 at The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok. TTSF is honored by H.E. General Surayud Chulanont, President of the Privy Council, to preside over the ceremony, which marks 14 years of his honor to preside over the ceremony, along with Professor Dr. Yongyuth Yuthavong, the Chairman of TTSF and Mr. Akihiro Nikkaku, the Chairman of Toray Industries, Inc. attended this ceremony.


With the TTSF’s intention to promote and support science and technology research for Thailand’s development and progress, TTSF has arranged 3 types of awards as follows:

Science and Technology Award for individuals or institutions with outstanding contributions in science and technology. This year, individual winner is Prof. Dr. Suksun Horpibulsuk from Suranaree University of Technology, while the winner of the institution category is Metal Injection Moulding Laboratory, National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), 2 awards totaling 800,000 Baht.

Science and Technology Research Grants To support researchers who are researching or having research projects that are the foundations benefiting the science and technology field in Thailand. This year, 20 research grants have been awarded, totally 4 million Baht, dividing into 7 projects in agriculture, 6 projects in chemistry, 2 projects in physics and 5 projects in engineering.

Science Education Award is the award to Thai science teachers in junior and senior high schools who show excellent achievement, initiative and creativity in science education, which encourages and develops the scientific capability of students. This year 8 awards worth 525,000 Baht were awarded dividing for Junior high school 200,000 Baht and senior high school 325,000 Baht and a total of 200,000 Baht for scientific laboratory support for each school.

This year, TTSF contributes awards and funding of 5.525 million Baht. During its 30 years of operation, TTSF has awarded 61 Science and Technology Awards, 548 research grants and 258 science teachers awards, totally more than 156 million Baht.


Representative of the awarded recipients, Prof. Dr. Suksun Horpibulsuk, expressed gratitude to the TTSF for its continued focus on science and technology research personnel in Thailand for more than 30 years. “Toray’s Awards and Funds” are awards and grants for research that science and technology researchers are known to have undergone excellent screening and selection. Award winners or those receiving research grants from TTSF can be convinced that the qualifications, awarded works and research granted projects must be of high quality, useful to the scientific community and worthy of pride. This award and funding not only boost researchers’ morale and inspire to produce quality scientific research, but it also creates qualified personnels in the field of science and technology, ranging from researchers who are teachers, science teachers at the school and a teachers/researchers at the research institute and university level.


Associate Professor Dr. Orawan Suwantong, Instructor in Applied Chemistry, School of Science, Mae Fah Luang University presented summary of work through video in the study and development of Injectable self-healing modified chitosan-based hydrogels containing herbal extract for wound management. The hydrogel obtained from this research can fill in wound gap, retains moisture in wounds, and is soft and elastic similar to skin tissue, making it suitable for use as a wound dressing. With the self-repairable properties of the hydrogel, it can be restored to its original state and additional hydrogel can also be injected if the wound is not fully repaired, which will reduce injuries from changing the dressing and facilitate healing. Moreover, the addition of herbal extracts also enhances the biological activity of hydrogels, such as antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects, and helps support the growth of skin cells, making wounds heal faster. The results of this research can be further developed to enhance wound dressings, helping to elevate research to the industrial, reducing the import of wound dressing materials from abroad, which will reduce the cost of treatment for patients.

Assist Prof. Dr. Piyorose Promdirek, Department of Materials Engineering and Production Technology, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok presented a summary of the work through video in a research project on the design of metal parts related to rail transportation systems using knowledge in metal production processes, metallurgy, material damage analysis to apply. The domestic rail transport system has increased significantly in the last 10 years, mainly through the acquisition of technology. Preparation of knowledge for rail technology, especially material knowledge to produce spare parts for future trains, is very much needed. The development of railway wheels in the country will lead to further reduction in the import of railway wheel parts in the future. In addition, this research is part of training and building researchers who are PhD students to have knowledge and manpower that will continue this research in the future.

For the Science Education Awards, teacher representative Mrs. Sukallaya Wongyai , teacher from Phanomsarakham “Phanom Adun Wittaya” School, Chachoengsao Province, presented the work “Trap for Rice Bug” inspired by science project activities. In the process of surveying the problem conditions in rice fields, both larvae and adults of rice bug are found feeding on rice milk which results the grain break after milling. Farmers prefer to use chemicals to control and eliminate insects. This causes chemical residues in the produce and contaminates the environment. By studying the natural behavior of the rice bug, there was an idea to solve the problem by using poison bait traps together with the development of innovative container of poisonous bait imitating lotus flowers to increase efficiency and the duration of the trap lure to get rid of the rice bugs. Students participating in this research have developed their potential, practiced systematic problem thinking, having scientific process skills and language skills in both report preparation and presentation. In addition, students can be part of solving local problems by participated in disseminating insect trapping methods to farmers and campaigning to reduce the use of chemicals that cause harm to the environment.


Mr. Akihiro Nikkaku congratulated the award winners and mentioned the management concept of Toray Group in contributing to society through business operations. The aim is to contribute to the development of that country and to its existence as an organization that is always respected by society. Toray established the Toray Science Foundation in 1960 to promote basic science in each country and region. In June 1994, Thailand Toray Science Foundation was established to promote development of science and technology in Thailand, develop human resource and strengthen good relations between Thailand and Japan which is pride for the company.

The Toray Group has been operating in Thailand since 1963, with nine group companies expanding their businesses in several fields such as fiber, engineering plastic, film, carbon fiber as an important base in the ASEAN region, with more than 4,000 Thai colleagues. The Chairman expressed his gratitude for the support of the Thai peoples and hoped that Toray’s business and materials would be integrated into the foundation’s activities for benefit of Thailand’s development to the next level.

Thailand is quick to take into account changes in the global situation by promoting “BCG policy” aimed at enhancing industry and protecting the environment, and a “National Energy Plan” that actively promotes carbon neutrality and promotes the more expansion of electric vehicle production. The Toray Group has designated “Sustainability Innovation Business” as a growth business group and is actively promoting the development of advanced materials to contribute to carbon neutrality and the creation of a circular economy society. Thai Toray Group in Thailand produces recycled fibers, recycled films and expanded its portfolio of engineering plastics for xEV vehicles and lightweight materials from energy-saving carbon fiber. In addition, in recent years, we have started the business of creating valuable products such as cellulose sugar from inedible raw materials such as “bagasse” and “cassava pulp”, which are the main agricultural products of Thailand. In the future, these sugars will be transformed into raw materials for the production of fibers and plastics with more advanced biotechnology to create a recycling society.

When classifying today’s projects that receive science and technology awards and research grants in accordance with that mentioned view, there are 9 research projects on Medical and Biotechnology, 9 research projects on Material Technology, 3 research projects on Environmental Technology & Engineering and 1 research projects on Basic Science which all projects are R&D operations in line with target of Thailand. He hopes that the research project will be integrated with Toray’s groundbreaking technology and lead to the development of Thailand to the next level.


Lastly, H.E. General Surayud Chulanont, the President of the Privy Council, mentioned that our world is changing rapidly in virtually every aspect. Therefore, all countries need to adapt to keep up with such changes in social, economy and environment aspects. In particular, scientific and technological advances require learning, perseverance, and research efforts which are the cornerstone for the development of economic, social and quality of life and lead the country to the sustainable development in the future. He also appreciated TTSF’s continued contribution in enhancing knowledge, ability and awareness of the importance of science and technology in Thailand for over the past 30 years. Therefore, it is an important driving force for the development of Thailand, especially the development of human resources in science and technology.

And finally, he congratulated the teachers, researchers and institutions for receiving honor and wish that the long-standing efforts will contribute to the economic development and quality of life of the nation and serve as a good example for our future generations. Before closing the ceremony, H.E. General Surayud took a photo with the awardees as a commemorative item.