Project 1 Research and Development of Indigenous Rice from Karen’s villages in Mae Hae Tai, Tumbon Pang Hin Fhon, Chiang Mai Province 
(Dr. Panee Sirisa-ard, Chiang Mai University)
Project 2 99.5% Ethanol Production for Renewable Energy
(Mrs. Yupakanit Puangwerakul, Rangsit University)
Project 3 Mass propagation of physic nuts (Jatropha curcas L.) by tissue culture technology for supporting cultivation as raw material for bio fuel production
(Dr. Chockpisit Thepsithar, Silpakorn University)
Project 4 Screening and Cultivation Microalgae for Biodiesel Production
(Dr. Thalisa Yuwa-amornpitak, Mahasarakham University)
Project 5 Synthetic peptide libraries: Bioactive peptides against orchid-pathogenic fungi
(Dr. Panan Rerngsamran, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 6 Development of physic nut residue utilization for producing value added products
(Dr. Worapot Suntornsuk, King Mongkut’s University of )
Project 7 Development of vanilla flavor production from oil palm waste using steam explosion as pretreatment
(Dr. Pilanee Vaithanomsat, Kasetsart University)
Project 8 Ant Utilizations for Solving Poor Problem in Thailand
(Dr. Decha Wiwatwitaya, Kasetsart University)
Project 9 Structural studies of iron-starch samples
(Dr. Ekasith Somsook, Mahidol University)
Project 10 Heteroatom bond formation harnessing microwave: Application for the synthetic of biologically active molecules
(Dr. Nopporn Thasana, Chulabhorn Research Institute)
Project 11 A Theoretical Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
(Dr. Chan Inntam, Ubon Rajathanee University)
Project 12 Fabrication and characterization of diamond like carbon electronic structure
(Dr. Boonchoat Paosawatyanyong, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 13 Computer Simulation Study of Water Transport through Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
(Dr. Sriprajak Krongsuk, Khon Kaen University)
Project 14 Improving Mechanical Properties of Piezoceramics by Nanocomposite Technique
(Dr. Supon Ananta, Chiang Mai University)
Project 15 Simulation of Shock Acceleration of Solar Energetic Particles
(Dr. Chanruangrit Channok, Ubon Rajathanee University)
Project 16 An Application of Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing on Rubber Injection Moulds
(Dr. Supasit Rodkwan, Kasetsart University)
Project 17 Developing of tsunami warning database system  for Thailand
(Dr. Seree  Supharatid, Rangsit University)
Project 18 The application of high-intensity electric field pulse for the enhancement of crude oil expression from oil-based plants
(Dr. Yongyut Chalermchat, Chiang Mai University)
Project 19 Development of chitosan/gelatin scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
(Dr. Siriporn Damrongsakkul, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 20 A Study of Dynamical Behaviors of THUNDER-type Laminated Actuators
(Dr. Sontipee  Aimmanee, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)