Project 1 Production of Resistant Starch for Use in Health Food Products
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Kuakarun Krusong, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 2 Effects of juvenile hormone analogue on ovarian development in bamboo borer (Omphisa fuscidentalis) pupae
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Manaporn Manaboon Poolkaew, Chiang Mai University่)
Project 3 The identification of target protein (s) of Isocryptolepine analogue, an antimalarial compound
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Onrapak Reamtong, Mahidol University)
Project 4 The Contamination of Toxins Produced by Naturally Occurring Fungi in Non-Chemical Rice Products
(Dr. Wuttiwat Jitjak, Khon Kaen University)
Project 5 Processing of Wild Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms Having Anti-hyperglycaemic and Anti-cholesterolemic Properties for Value Adding of Agricultural Products.
(Dr. Nuttika Suwannasai, Srinakharinwirot University)
Project 6 The Growth Rate of Mud Crab (Scylla sp.) After Molting
(Dr. Pattarawadee Srimeetian, Princess of Naradhiwas University)
Project 7 Molecular Interaction of EndophyticActinomycetes and Rice Plants Towards Growth Promotion and Salinity Stress Reduction
(Assoc.Prof. Dr. Arinthip Thamchaipenet, Kasetsart University)
Project 8 Nutritive values and health properties of common vegetables and herbs in Thai cuisine
(Dr. Piya Temviriyanukul, Mahidol University)
Project 9 To investigate the factors affecting the production of bioactive compounds in Grammatophyllumspeciosum Blume cultured in temporary immersion bioreactor
(Dr. Wannasiri Wannarat, Kasetsart University)
Project 10 Application of synthetic dyes and thickening agent from modified starch of wild taro for silk and cotton fabrics printing
(Assist.Prof. Dr. Rattanaphol Mongkholrattanasit, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon)
Project 11 Engineering of Cell Penetrable Nonobodies Against Tyrosine Kinase of ErbB-2 with combination of Computational Biochemistry and in vitro experiments
(Assoc.Prof. Dr. Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Kasetsart University)
Project 12 Development of Reusable Biomass-Based Ultralight Sorbent for Oil Sorption and Heavy Metal Removal from Industrial Waste Water
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Suwadee Kongparakul, Thammasat University)
Project 13 Development of conductive bacterial cellulose composite as substrate in solar cell application
(Dr. Sarute Ummartyotin, Thammasat University)
Project 14 Investigating the impact of ultrasonic waves on oil production of Botryococcusbraunii
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Sorasak Danworaphong, Walailak University)
Project 15 Colorimetric plasmon sensors for paper-based mercury ion detection
(Dr. Supaluck Amloy, Thaksin University)
Project 16 Development of Wound Covering and Healing Materials from the Eupatorium odoratum L. Leaves Crude Extract in the forms of Nanofibers and Hydrogel
(Dr. Naris Barnthip, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi ี)
Project 17 Design and Manufacturing of Hydraulic Knee Prosthesis for Active Above-Knee Amputees
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Chanyaphan Virulsri, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 18 Design of A high-Efficiency Output-Capacitor-Less Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator for Low-Power System-on-Chip (SoCs)
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Woradorn Wattanapanitch, Kasetsart University)
Project 19 Dengue outbreak surveillance modeling based on remotely sensed vegetation index and ENSO cycle analysis
(Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kittisak Kerdprasop, Suranaree University of Technology)
Project 20 Innovation in Optical Polymer Lens Formation Using 3D Printer for Scientific Optical Equipment Instrumentation
(Dr. Suejit Pechprasarn, Rangsit University)