Project 1 Efficiency of endophytic fungi in controlling economic pathogenic microorganisms
(Dr. Siraprapa Mahanil, Mae Fah Luang University)
Project 2 Cryopreservation, mass production and efficiency of the snail-pathogenic nematodes for controlling pest snails in orchid farms
(Dr. Krieng Kanchanawatee,  Chulalongkorn University)
Project 3 Innovation and Development of probiotic-supplemented Thai-pigmented rice products for value-added agricultural products and health promotion in an ageing society
(Dr. Saran Promsai,  Kasetsart University)
Project 4 Product development of latex form mixed with pheromone, methyl eugenol, for attractant Oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae)
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Narit Thaochan,  Prince of Songkla University)
Project 5 Characterization of rice immune system protein triggered by bacterial leaf blight infection
(Dr. Suparat Lithanatudom,  Maejo University)
Project 6 Endogenous Phytohormone Balancing Techniques for Sacred Lotus Cut Flower Off-Season Production
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Panupon Hongpakdee,  Khon Kaen University)
Project 7 Systems biology of Ngha-kee-mon (Perilla frutescens) for discovery of plant omega-3 fatty acid biosynthesis
(Dr. Supachai Topanurak, Mahidol University)
Project 8 Designing Artificial Nests for Mass-rearing of Carpenter Bees for Coffee Pollination
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Natapot Warrit, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 9 Biocompatible Aza-BODIPY for Cancer Imaging and Therapy
(Dr. Anyanee Kamkaew, Suranaree University of Technology)
Project 10 Development of disposable electrochemical sensor based on screen-printed electrode modified with reduced graphene oxide/magnetic nanopartical nanocomposites for determination of ractopamine
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Rungtiva Poo-arporn, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)
Project 11 Synthesis of single-site catalysts for the production of bioplastics
(Assist.Prof.Dr. Pimpa Hormnirun, Kasetsart University)
Project 12 Application of a transdermal patch for detection of latent tuberculosis
(Dr. Songsri Kasempimolporn, Thai Red Cross Society)
Project 13 Manufacturing of Lead-Free Sponge Rubber Sheets for Use in X-Ray and Gamma Ray Shielding Applications
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Kiadtisak Saenboonruang, Kasetsart University)
Project 14 Atomistic tight-binding calculations of fine structure splitting in core/multi-shell nanocrystals
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Worasak Sukkabot, Ubon Rajathanee University)
Project 15 Portable Raman spectrometer for the detection of mercury ions
(Dr. Pakorn Preechaburana, Thammasat University)
Project 16 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on mangosteen peel and diamond-like carbon
(Dr. Wasan Maiaugree, Mahasarakham University)
Project 17 Valorization of oil palm empty fruit bunch for synthesis of superabsorbent hydrogel for modern agricultural practice
(Assist. Prof. Dr. Chularat Sakdaronnarong, Mahidol University)
Project 18 A study of straw combustion and co-firing of straw with bituminous coal in a grate-fired combustor
(Prof.Dr. Thanid Madhiyanon, Mahanakorn University of Technology )
Project 19 Multivalent nanoparticles-enabled microfluidic device for circulating tumor cell isolation and detection
(Dr. Soracha Thamphiwatana, Prince of Songkla University)
Project 20 Investigation of properties of various rocks for feasible use as railway ballast
(Prof.Dr. Siam Yimsiri, Assist. Burapha University)