Project 1 Determination and extraction of bioactive compounds from rice straw and husk for food and cosmetic use
(Supathra Lilitchan, Mahidol University)
Project 2 Product development of ready-to-eat enrichment snack (semi-solid type) for elder
(Aswin Amornsin, Mahasarakham University)
Project 3 Yeast genetic improvement for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic materials
(Nantana Srisuk, Kasetsart University)
Project 4 The Development of Healthy Beverage and Design the Pilot Plant for the Production of the Local Community
(Varaporn Laksanalamai, Rangsit  University)
Project 5 Mechanical Extraction of Sangyod Rice Bran Oil and Its Application in Functional Food Products
(Amonrat  Thanonkaew, Thaksin University)
Project 6 Beneficial Natural Microorganisms for Agriculture
(Jureerat Leesmidt , Kasetsart University)
Project 7 The Use of Chitosan in Dairy Wastewater Treatment
(Patana Anurakpongsatorn, Kasetsart University)
Project 8 Coating Formulation of the Yeast Issatchenkia orientalis for Controlling of Anthracnose on Post-harvest Mango Fruits
(Jinantana  Jomduang, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna)
Project 9 Antimicrobial activity of pomelo albedo tissues against posthavest fungal pathogens
(Matchima Naradisorn, Mae Fah Luang University)
Project 10 Mimicry of Mycobacterial Surface Components as Synthetic Antigens for a Vaccine Candidate against Tuberculosis
(Siwarutt Boonyarattanakalin, Thammasat University)
Project 11 Development of Gold Nanoparticle-Based Immunochromatographic Screening Test Kit for Hemoglobin E
(Amornpun Sereemaspun, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 12 Production of controlled-release urea fertilizer by coating with stearic acid and starch granules
(Dudsadee Uttapap, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)
Project 13 Facile Synthesis of Novel Bioactive Compounds using Cheminformatics
(Chanin  Nantasenamat, Mahidol University)
Project 14 Isolation and Characterization Biologically-active Compounds of Rutaceae Plants
(Surat Laphookhieo, Mae Fah Luang University)
Project 15 Characterization and synthesis of titanium oxide thin films by plasma deposition
(Suparut Narksitipan, Maejo University)
Project 16 Plasma behaviors during the pellet injection in tokamak plasmas
(Thawatchai Onjun, Thammasat University)
Project 17 Density Functional Study of α-FeSe Iron-based Superconductor
(Teparksorn Pengpan, Prince of Songkla University)
Project 18 Development of implantable polymer millirods for minimum invasive liver and brain cancer chemotherapy
(Norased Nasongkla, Mahidol University)
Project 19 Exploration of S-wave Velocity Structures for Site Effect Evaluation by Microtremor Observations in Greater Bangkok
(Nakhorn Poovarodom, Thammasat University)
Project 20 Estimation of fatigue crack propagation at the sidewall of radial truck tire
(Chanyut Kolitawong, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok)
Project 21 Development of Rotary Cutting Tool for biocompatible material
(Pairat Tangpornprasert, Chulalongkorn University)
Project 22 An Application of Engineering Knowledge for Engine Mount Design
(Chana  Raksiri, Kasetsart University)
Project 23 Design and implementation of a real-time acquisition circuit board to compress and transmit ultrasound RF data to a computer
(Udomchai Techavipoo, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center)
Project 24 Performance improvement of heat exchanger by means of twisted tape inserts
(Smith Eiamsa-ard, Mahanakorn University of Technology)
Project 25 COSTS: Central Online Standard Test System
(Kacha  Chansilp, Suranaree University of Technology)