Junior High School
1st Prize Mr. Apinant  Mahachaneekodom
Taweethapisek School
(Invention to help typing practice without looking at the typing board)
2nd Prize Miss Varapich Patanasethanon
Muangphonpittayakom School
(The production process of silk fiber from wild Eri silk worm )
3rd Prize Mrs.Teeraporn  Sakdaronnarong
Wang Klai Kang Wol School
(Computer-aided instruction program for science subjects No. 101 -102)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Weerawat  Chaokaew
Wangchanwittaya School
(Teaching-aided equipment for the study of space craft speed while circling)


Senior High School
1st Prize Mr. Poomyot  Sri-Ubol
Pakpli Vittayakarl School
(Teaching-aided equipment for the study of centrifugal forces)
2nd Prize Mr. Pipat Kongthong
Benchamaratrangsarit School
(Using laser beam for the teaching of light properties)
3rd Prize Mr. Pairat  Ruataiprasertsri
Phayaophittayakhom School
(Using water jet for the teaching of projectile movement)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Boonsanong  Chuaykaew
Washirathamsatit School
(A survey of edible plants in the Pattalung province)