Junior High School
1st Prize Mr. Sutipong Jaikaew
Damrongratsongkroh School, Chiang Rai
(Expansion of stingless bee hive via artificial honey pots)
2nd Prize Miss Darunee Chawengkitpaisan
Sangwanwittaya School, Mae Hong Son
(Preparation of Jee-kuk fiber and study of its physical properties)
3rd Prize Miss Wilawan Yangyuen
Phanomsarakham “Phanom Adun Wittaya” School, Chacheongsao
(Factors influencing the trapping of rice moth for the production of Trichogramma egg parasitoid)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Keerati Thayen
Santikeeree Wittayakom School, Chiang Rai
(Effects of red pine extract on Indian oyster mushroom cultivation)
Senior High School
2nd Prize Miss Nattaya Uttama
Damrongratsongkroh School, Chiang Rai
(Application of local natural gum-based hydrogel for controlled release of saponins for control of invasive snails)
2nd Prize Mr. Chan Thaowannee
Siyanusorn School, Chanthaburi
(Efficiency of removing heavy metal ions removal using magnetite absorbent under induced magnetic field)
3rd Prize Miss Wanida Sirikhiew
Samakkhi Wittayakhom School, Chiang Rai
(Study of Derris elliptica Benth extracts for use as anesthetics for economically important freshwater fishes)