Junior Secondary School
1st Prize None
2nd Prize Miss Phatcharin Thiamsuwan
Phanomsarakham “Phanom Adun Wittaya” School, Chachoengsao
Control of Lime Caterpillar (Papilio demoleus Linnaeus) using Asteraceae Plant Extracts and Cassava Root Filling
3rd Prize 1. Miss Wichuda Sangwandee
Huayso Wittayakhom Ratchamangkhalaphisek School, Chiang Rai
Effects of Honeycomb Extract on Preventing Fungus and Malodor of Cup Lump from Natural Rubber

2. Miss Niramol Rodpai
Huaynamhomwittayakan School, Nakhon Sawan
Trap for Fruit Flies
Senior Secondary School
1st Prize Mrs. Sukallaya Wongyai
Phanomsarakham “Phanom Adun Wittaya” School, Chachoengsao
Trap for Rice Bug (Leptocorisa acuta)
2nd Prize Mrs. Wannapa Thuwawit
Angthong Patthamaroj Witthayakhom School, Ang Thong
Anti-rancidity Effect of Phenolic Extract from Banana Peduncle
3rd Prize 1. Mrs. Wanida Mangkalad
Samakkhi Witthayakhom School, Chiang Rai
Fish Food from Soldier Worm for Use with Ornamental Fish

2. Mrs. Natanong Tupairoh
Damrongratsongkroh School, Chiang Rai
Bee Food from Pollen of Asteraceae Weeds and Local Beans

3. Miss Pornphrom Somkid
Phanomsarakham “Phanom Adun Wittaya” School, Chachoengsao
Organic Cat Litter Made from Fruit Peels Mixed with Catnip