Junior High School
2nd Prize Mrs. Vilawon  Pattanakul
Pimaiwittaya School
(The Delay of Coconut Germination by Lime)
2nd Prize Mr. Theerapong  Onogk
Triam Udom Suksa Pattanakarn Bangyai School
(The Computer Assisted Instruction on “The Digestion System”)
3rd Prize Mrs. Supaporn Premprasert
Bodin Decha School
(Bernoulli’s Principle “How Does an Aeroplane Fly?”)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Rungsak  Watthanarat
Ramwittaya Rajamangklapisek School
(Microscopes Made from P.V.C.)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Kittipong  Sookpongthai
Loungporparn Klongdan Anusorn School
(How Do Objects Float or Sink?)
Senior High School
2nd Prize Mrs. Younchit  Kaomanee
Suratthanee School
(Chemical Equilibrium; The Effect of Pressure)
2nd Prize Mr. Saneh  Choomsan
Pracharatthummakun School
(Biodiversity, Distribution and Ecology of Macrofungi at Huaygeing Forest)
3rd Prize Mr. Sombat  To-Him
Nakornsawan School
(Phenomenon of Waves by Computer Simulation)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Pravit Buengsawang
Ratwinit Bangkaeo School
(Multimedia for Chemistry Teaching)
Honorable Mention Prize Mrs. Bangpana  Lerdphoosawad
Nuntaburiwittaya School
(Fabrics from Plant Fibers)