Junior High School
2nd Prize Mr. Prasert  Nakeesin
Thammasat-Chula 2 School
(Non-polluting Steam Generator)
2nd Prize Mr. Poom  Mungtorkij
Phutthirungsiphibul School
(Electro-magnet and Magnetic Pole Strength)
3rd Prize Mr. Chanchit  Pongvittayanon
Nampongsuksa School
(Time Control Device for Water-dripping System)
Honorable Mention Prize Miss Praprisri  Dangniem
Bangbo Wittayakhom School
(Effect of Cerbera odollam for Getting rid of Head Lice)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Sa-Ngob  Boonmak
Phukhieo School
(Movable Planetarium)
Senior High School
2nd Prize Mrs. Pin  Charngthong
Matthayom Siriwanwari 3 Chachoengsao
(Ticks in Khao Ang Ru Ni Wildlife Sanctuary)
2nd Prize Mrs. Panee Noothong
Phattalung School
(The culture of Coconut Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferruginous)
3rd Prize Mr. Wichan  Poopakun
Buakhao School
(Linear Longitudinal Stress ans Strain Experimental Set)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Chanin Tippayasoontranont
Yupparaj Wittayalai School
(Polarization Effect and Electro-magnetic Demonstration Set)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Pleek  Namkeow
Kannasootsuksalai School
(A.C. Phase Difference between Current and Potential Differences)