Junior High School
2nd Prize Mrs. Kingkan Kannang
Thairath Wittaya 12 (Banaek) School, Chiang Mai
(A variety of edible weeds in the rice fields)
3rd Prize Mr. Sinlapakon Janthachai
Piyamaharachalai School, Nakhon Phanom
(The tilting of solar panels to follow the movement of the sun)
Honorable Mention Prize Miss Rewadee Anurak
Soponkanaporn School, Nakorn Si Thammarat
(Handcart for loosening soil and automatic fertilizing of vegetable bed)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Keerati Tayen
Santikeeree Wittayacom School, Chiang Rai
(Study of papaya latex extracts in preventing damage to Arabica coffee trees caused by carpenter worms and stem boring grubs)
Senior High School
2nd Prize Mr. Kiettisak Inrajsadon
Damrongratsongkroh School, Chiang Rai
(Influence of light on pericarp color and quality of “Hong Huay” Iychee fruit in the pre-harvest)
3rd Prize Mr. Suthep Phaetchanla
Udonpittayanukoon School, Udorn Thani
(Chromatographic separation of active extracts from Spondias mombin Kurz. and study of their ability to inhibit bacteria causing disease in humans )
3rd Prize Miss Pratuengsook Maneelam
Demonstration School of Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen
(The effects of some plant extracts on fruit setting and prevention from insect pests of Jatropha curcas Linn. (Physic nut))
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Saneh Chomsan
Pracharatthumakhun School, Lampang
(Stove Gypsum 2012)