Junior Secondary School
1st Prize None
2nd Prize Mr.Chumpon Chareesaen
Kalasinpittayasan School, Kalasin
(Improving growth and productivity of plants by using subsurface irrigation and organic fertilization)
3rd Prize 1. Miss Wirawan Piyawanno
Saengthong Vitthaya School, Songkhla
(Inhibition of mold formation in dried mackerel using herbs)

2. Mrs. Kingkan Kannang
Thairathwitthaya 12 (Ban- Eak) School, Chiang Mai
(Biodiversity and uses of folk vegetables and fruits in Mae Ai District, Chiangmai Province)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Chatchawan Kamlangwai
Ban Railuang School, Phrae
(Low-cost flood warning system)
Senior Secondary School
1st Prize None
2nd Prize Mr. Pongsakorn Promta
Pibulwitthayalai School, Lopburi
(Paper-based sugar test kit for beverage)
3rd Prize 1. Miss Wanwisa Naruemitwong
Saengthong Vitthaya School, Songkhla
(Prototype PM 2.5 antibacterial mask from corn fiber coated with silver nanoparticle and titanium dioxide coated fabric)

2. Mr. Sarun Nounjeen
Kamnoetvidya Science Academy, Rayong
(Machine for separating food waste)
Honorable Mention Prize 1. Miss Konkanok Srinunsuk
PSU.Wittayanusorn Surat Thani School, Surat Thani
(Biogas production using rear end effluent mixed with palm oil and glycerol wastewater)

2. Mr. Potisak Potisen
Strisrinan School, Nan
(Allelopathic effect of Clausena wampi (Blanco) extract on plants)