Junior High School
2nd Prize Mr. Anuwat  Rattanamanee
Kutaowittaya School
(Hydro-powered Fish Food Dispenser)
3rd Prize Mrs. Kanjana  Auksorndit
Thoeng Wittayakhom School
(Sour Seasoning)
3rd Prize Miss Rungtiwa  Boonyuen
Nongkampittayakom School
(Banana Fiber for Textile Weaving)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Kittipong Sookpongthai
Benjamaratrungsarit 4 School
(Small Fruit Wrapper and Harvester)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Pinit  Podilog
Wangnamyenwitthayakhom School
(3 Types of Motion)
Senior High School
2nd Prize Mr. Chukiat Chaichanadara
Satree Witdhaya School
(Motion of Electric Charges in Magnetic Field Demonstration Set)
2nd Prize Mr. Silapachai Booranapanich
Chulalongkorn University  Demonstration School
(Rotation Demonstration Kits)
3rd Prize Mrs. Suwaree Pongteerawan
Suratpittaya School
(Artificial Leather from Bacteria Fermentation)
Honorable Mention Prize Mrs. Poungtong Srisaringkan
Bangbo Witthayakhom School
(Low Cost Ink for Ink Jet Printers)
Honorable Mention Prize Mrs. Ubolpong Doron
Jiraprawatwittayakom School
(Atomic Orbital and Electron Configuration Models)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Chaiporn Patanajak
Kuddoo Pitayakom School
(Silk Pulling Machine #2003)