Junior High School
2nd Prize Mrs. Kanjana Auksorndit
Thoeng Wittayakom School, Chiang Rai
(Environmental Friendly Seedling Bag from Latex-coated Recycling Paper)
3rd Prize Mrs. Soifha Khayanngan
Ban Ompai School, Mae Hong Son
(Natural Seed Coating Agents for Soy Bean against Callosobruchus chinensis(L.))
Honorable Mention Prize Miss Rewadee Anurak
Soponkanaporn School, Nakorn Si Thammarat
(Two in One Electrical Generator and Coconut Grinding Machine from Recycling Sewing Machine)
Honorable Mention Prize Mrs. Pranee Kaewpuang
Khowang Wittayakhom School, Yasothon
(Cassava Lift-up Lever)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Sitthirat Chuenchom
Ban Nonkung School, Amnatcharoen
(Insect Trap using CD reflection)
Senior High School
1st Prize Mrs. Sukallaya Wongyai
Wattananakorn School, Sakaeo
(Life cycle, Biocontrol Efficiency Against Cowpea Aphd (Aphis craccivora Koch), and Incubation Factors of Some Predatory Lady Beetle)
2nd Prize Mr. Phichet Soommart
Udornpitayanukoon School, Udorn Thani
(Home-made O2 Titrator Using Winkler Method and Its Application for Determination of CO2 Reduction Efficiency of Some Aquatic Plants)
3rd Prize Mr. Srithorn Moolmanee
Pathumthep Vitayakarn School, Nongkhai
(Electrical Generation by Modified Roof Ventilator and its Efficiency)
Honorable Mention Prize Mrs. Yupaporn Polsawang
Somdet Pittayakom School, Kalasin
(Inhibition of Rhizopus Growth on Bread by Common Edible Herb Extracts)
Honorable Mention Prize Mr. Somsak Gathong
Assumption College Lampang School, Lampang
(Synthetic Gems from Tamarind and Lignite Ashes)